2021-2022 NCCSA Athletic Registration

The 2021–2022 NCCSA Athletic Registration begins today and continues until September 1. Please note that registration and fees will be submitted online again this year. Because of the number of errors that are typically submitted on the athletic registration form, we recommend that the school secretary complete this form. If your school chooses to pay by check, postmark the appropriate fees to the NCCSA State Office by September 1

Included in the link below are the 2021 NCCSA Athletic Handbook, this year’s Points of Emphasis document that lists many changes for the new school year, and other important reminders to help your athletic program abide by NCCSA policies.

Please note that the deadline to register online and/or mail your fees to the NCCSA State Office is September 1. The fees will increase after this date.

The 2021–2022 NCCSA Faculty/Staff Event Passes will be mailed to the attention of the administrator of each NCCSA athletic-participating school soon.

The athletic registration information has been emailed to each NCCSA athletic-participating school.

NCCSA State Office