Personnel Opening

Current Open Positions:

Assistant Director of Programs and Services

The NCCSA is an educational association established to protect and preserve the freedom of Christian schools in the state of North Carolina; to provide them with quality programs and services; and to aid in the promotion, maintenance, and improvement of their moral, spiritual, and academic standards. The NCCSA is the largest state-affiliated Christian school association in the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS). Currently, the NCCSA has 75 member schools with more than 19,000 members. CLICK HERE to learn more about the NCCSA or CLICK HERE to view the NCCSA Marketing Flyer. 

The NCCSA utilizes a hybrid office structure of remote and in-person work that implements a variety of technology platforms such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Teamwork Project Management Platform, Box, etc. Day-to-day communication will be with NCCSA personnel and individuals from schools, churches, and vendors that partner with the NCCSA. Success in this role relies heavily on a comfort level with (or the ability to quickly learn) technology, multitasking, organization, following a project management system, and anticipating office personnel and member needs.

Five Benefits of Joining the NCCSA Team:

  • Love Your Work: The North Carolina Christian School Association (NCCSA) strives to tailor assigned tasks and responsibilities around an employee’s strengths which will allow growth both personally and professionally. Employees will be inspired to pursue out-of-the-box thinking and work with others to achieve important goals. Employees will also be able to sharpen their skills constructively through feedback and celebrate individual and collective achievements.
  • Professional Environment/Quality Communication: The NCCSA seeks to build an environment of excellence, organization, and respect. Employees are guided by clear directives and are given ample encouragement and support by NCCSA leadership and colleagues. Employees are able to communicate regularly with colleagues to collaborate on projects while enjoying plenty of time to focus on specific responsibilities.
  • Hybrid Office Structure: At the NCCSA, work is judged by quality and output, not by one’s physical presence in the NCCSA office. Even though the state office is currently in Goldsboro, North Carolina, employees have the capability to work remotely where they want in order to achieve results. Although much work is done in a remote setting, the office staff understands the value of getting together socially. Because of this, one to two days of onsite work each week are encouraged. Hiring proactive, ambitious, responsible employees enables the NCCSA to have a flexible work environment while also maintaining a high level of excellence in a highly organized office environment.
  • A Strategic Focus: Employees who are positive, confident, and willing to serve others will thrive at the NCCSA. The hiring process is in-depth but is handled with care and respect. NCCSA leadership strives to recruit individuals who are deeply talented, extremely competent, and possess impeccable character. The NCCSA team is focused, disciplined, and strategic in creating products that serve our mission. The NCCSA utilizes platforms that help guide our workflow. Employees of the NCCSA are highly valued, respected, and able to focus on important, thought-out objectives.
  • Competitive Benefits: The NCCSA places high value on employees and offers a competitive compensation and benefits package. In addition, the NCCSA strives for employees to have quality time for relationships and leisure due to generous personal days, vacation time, and holiday breaks. Since the NCCSA leadership strives to prioritize the needs of the staff, employees will be inspired to recharge intentionally, knowing that their interests are protected, and family life and health are paramount. A more detailed benefit plan will be available to individuals that transition through the candidate process.