The North Carolina Christian School Association (NCCSA) is an educational association established to protect and preserve the freedom of Christian schools in the state of North Carolina; to provide them with quality programs and services; and to aid in the promotion, maintenance, and improvement of their moral, spiritual, and academic standards.

The NCCSA exists to support Christian schools and their constituency by providing a variety of helpful services. Some of these services are available only to the members that have signed the NCCSA statement of faith and have met the membership requirements; while other NCCSA services are available to non-member schools. 

NCCSA members have access to quality programs for teacher certification and school accreditation and also a full-time state office with legal oversight in Raleigh and in Washington. Many NCCSA members take advantage of health and life insurance, student accident, dental, and liability insurance, 403(b)-retirement plans, and other excellent benefits. Many others participate in the numerous competition opportunities the association affords students in athletics and fine arts on the state and national level. The association provides outstanding opportunities for fellowship and professional development at its annual Educators’ Convention and summer professional development events. 

Membership dues to the association are paid each year during the month of September and include all national association membership dues as well. These dues provide your school full-member benefits and allow you to become involved with fine arts and athletic competitions, conventions, achievement testing, conferences, insurance programs, teacher certification, etc.

These dues also give your school access to an emergency, instant-notification system called SchoolCast™ ( Many schools charge their parents an NCCSA Fee at the beginning of the year to cover membership dues, SchoolCast, Iowa Achievement Testing, athletic and fine arts participation, or other purchasable services deemed necessary.

If you are interested in NCCSA Membership and would like to request further information, please contact the NCCSA by submitting this form