Fine Arts

The NCCSA Fine Arts Festival has been developed and organized solely to provide NCCSA students in grades 3-12 an outlet to display their God-given talents and compete against other Christian school students from across the nation. Hosted by several different member schools, the fine arts program has grown both in size and in quality of competition. Several chairmen assist the NCCSA by heading up the various divisions that comprise the fine arts competition.

Activities for junior and senior high students are JH/SH Fine Arts Competition, Solo/Small Group Competition, and the annual All-State Music ClinicThere is also an Elementary Fine Arts Competition which is divided into three regions: western, central, and eastern.

Competition categories include: music, speech, art, spelling bee, Bible, and science. Journalism competitions occur onsite at each school, and entries are submitted at various times throughout the year. Another area of fine arts that continues to grow is Academic Testing. Testing for grades 3-12 is offered in many different academic disciplines.

In most categories, students that win in the senior high competition divisions are able to compete at the AACS National Fine Arts Competition.

If you would like more information regarding any of the above information, please feel free to contact the NCCSA state office.