All-State Music Clinic

Each year, the NCCSA sponsors an All-State Music Clinic in which band and choir students from across the state come together to learn and rehearse music for a concert on the last day of a three-day event. For band, each student auditions for three levels of band:  Honors Band, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band. With the assistance of Kevin Elston (Band Committee), Yoshi Nakamura (Band Committee), Brent Brondyke (Auditions Chairman), Jim Burk (Band Committee), and Josh Baer (Choir Chairman), this Music Clinic has grown through the years both in the number of participants as well as in the quality of music.


2018 Details:

  1. NCCSA All-State Music Link to Purchase Tickets (available on November 1)
  2. NCCSA All-State Music Clinic Schedule
  3. NCCSA All-State Music Clinic Promotional Flyer
  4. NCCSA All-State Music Clinic FAQs
  5. NCCSA All-State Music Performance Location Details 
  6. NCCSA All-State Music Clinic Choir Introduction Letter
  7. Wake Christian Hotel and Restaurant Map (for rehearsals)
  8. NCCSA All-State Music Clinic Rehearsal Setup Details
  9. Registration Information
    1. Registration Letter and link to online registration form
    2. Audition Results (password has been emailed to each school)
  10. Audition Information
    1. Audition Letter and Detailed Instructions
    2. Solo List
    3. Scales
    4. Sightreading (password has been emailed to each school)
    5. Roster Template
    6. Site to Upload Audition MP3s (password has been emailed to each school)