Our Leadership

The North Carolina Christian School Association (NCCSA) is an educational association established to protect and preserve the freedom of Christian schools in the state of North Carolina, to provide them with quality programs and services, and to aid in the promotion, maintenance, and improvement of their moral, spiritual, and academic standards.

The NCCSA was formed in 1992 when the North Carolina Christian School Activities Association (NCCSAA) and the corresponding legislative organization combined to form the NCCSA. The NCCSA State Office is headquartered in Goldsboro, North Carolina, where it employs a full-time staff to direct the various programs and services offered to its members. The NCCSA also maintains agreements with many contract-employees that assist the association in supervising areas such as athletics, fine arts, staff development, and other programs offered by the NCCSA. To view information regarding the NCCSA Executive Staff, NCCSA Executive Committee, or NCCSA Board of Directors, please click the appropriate sublinks.