2021 NCCSA State Basketball Tournaments

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the NCCSA has made the following modifications to the 2021 NCCSA Basketball State Tournaments structure:

    • All district and regional playoff games, as well as the semifinal games, will be played at the higher seed. 
    • No consolation games will be played at the 2021 NCCSA Basketball State Tournaments.
    • All Junior Varsity and Varsity Single A and Double A Championship Games will be played at Alamance Christian School.
    • Other COVID-19 protocols for this event can be viewed in the tournament letter above. 
    • Spectator Spacing and Face Coverings:
      1. All attendees must wear face coverings at all times.
      2. Spectators from different families must sit six feet apart.
    • Cheerleaders: The NCCSA appreciates all cheer teams and their contribution to the sport. Even though the tournaments are facing attendee limitations this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, cheer teams are considered essential and are allowed to attend if they participated during the regular season. However, since the limits of 13 (home team) or 12 (away team) spectators are in effect, unfortunately, the only spectators (parents, etc.) allowed are those represented from the basketball teams. A school trying to determine which 13 (home) or 12 (away) spectators (parents, etc.) may attend will already cause increased frustration. Allowing basketball spectators only will help remedy this situation.