2021 NCCSA JH/SH Fine Arts Competition Registration

The 2021 NCCSA JH/SH Fine Arts Competition is quickly approaching. As the NCCSA mentioned on January 14, this year’s competition has transitioned to an online format due to COVID-19 restrictions that would make it impossible to compete onsite in March. Most entries will be videoed and will need to be uploaded to the appropriate link in each category’s submission guidelines document mentioned below.

Registration: The Master Registration Form will be submitted online again this year. The online form and fees must be submitted to the NCCSA State Office by February 1 to avoid late fees. Please review the Late Entry Requests section in the NCCSA Fine Arts Master Registration Letter if you wish to register entries after February 1. Due to technical issues, the master registration form will not be available until Tuesday, January 26, at 3:00 p.m.
Submission Guidelines: Each fine arts competition category has a corresponding submission guidelines document that must be followed when submitting the performance videos, judging forms, music scores, speech scripts, Bible outlines, etc. Any entries that do not follow the instructions in the submission guidelines documents will not be judged.

Judging FormsThe structure to submit judging forms is much different this year, so please follow the instructions listed in the registration letter and submission guidelines documents very closely.

Recording Structure and Technical SupportBecause of the difficulty some schools may have if trying to follow the steps listed in the submission documents on a mobile phone, schools that record videos on a mobile phone/tablet will need to decide the best method to transfer file(s) to a desktop/laptop in order to easily rename and upload file(s) correctly. These steps can be completed on a mobile phone, but the NCCSA strongly encourages schools to use a desktop/laptop if possible. Files that are not uploaded to the correct location or are not named properly will not be judged. The NCCSA is unable to provide technical support to schools on how to record and upload entries. The NCCSA recommends consulting with your school’s IT personnel for all technical support-related questions.

All instructions have been sent to member schools.

NCCSA State Office