2019 NCCSA Journalism Competition Packet

Please review the following information carefully as well as the rules in the NCCSA JH/SH Fine Arts Manual (2015 v2 edition) and the NCCSA Elementary Fine Arts Manual (2016 edition).

Please submit the online Journalism Information Sheet by November 15 to register all of your journalism contestants (elementary, junior high, senior high). Since the senior high writing contest does not take place until December, feel free to type TBD for the senior high names if needed. Registrations will not be accepted after the November 15 deadline. *Note: If you need to make any changes to your journalism registration form, please do not submit a second form. Email your changes to info@nccsa.org, and your form will be updated and emailed back to the address on the form.

Elementary and junior high writing may begin immediately (see packet for guidelines). However, senior high writing should not begin until December 1. 

A document that will prove helpful for the upcoming fine arts season is the 2019–2020 AACS Competition Update. This document includes information about the books of the Bible for the Bible Quizzing and Academic Testing competitions, the debate topic for the 2020 competition, etc.

The 2019–2020 NCCSA Journalism Packet is available HERE (The password was emailed to schools on October 2).

NCCSA State Office