Upcoming Important Deadlines and Registration Information

The NCCSA would like to thank each ministry that is a member of the association. One of the benefits (and perhaps the most important benefit) of having a “larger tent” such as the NCCSA under which schools can join is that it provides an avenue for a larger voice when protection issues are at stake. While the NCCSA strives to provide high-quality programs and services as well as communicate the newest educational trends and current practices, recent events pertaining to the freedoms Christian organizations value have shown an ever-increasing need for Christians to be unified and vigilant.

We are pleased to announce that several schools have joined the NCCSA recently. The list of member schools is available at https://www.nccsa.org/about-us/member-schools/.

As you know, the NCCSA uses email, text messages, and voice alerts for nearly all communication to administrators, secretaries, athletic directors, fine arts coordinators, elementary coordinators, and occasionally pastors and other groups. If you or some of your directors/coordinators are not receiving NCCSA communication, then we do not have the latest contact information for that individual. Along these lines, please submit accurate contact information in the Membership Re-enrollment Packet that will be emailed to each school on August 25. This will help ensure that important communication reaches the appropriate individuals at your school.

For your planning purposes, we wanted to inform you of some upcoming NCCSA-related dates that may assist in your planning:

  • The 2017 NCCSA Athletic Registration Information will be sent to each NCCSA-athletic participating school on August 15 and will be due September 1. Registration for NCCSA Athletics will be available to non-athletic participating schools during the athletic intent period of January 15 through February 1.
  • The 2017 NCCSA Educators’ Convention Registration will be sent to each NCCSA school on August 21, and the early bird discount deadline is August 31. 
  • The 2017-2018 NCCSA Membership Re-enrollment Packet will be sent to each NCCSA school on August 25 and will be due September 5. 

We understand that the start of the school year brings extra responsibilities for everyone, and we hope this information will be of assistance as you plan the upcoming weeks. We are also sending this information in a letter to your school to ensure the information is communicated to each school. 

Thank you for being members of the NCCSA.
NCCSA State Office