2019 NCCSA Elementary Fine Arts Registration

This information is for schools participating in the NCCSA Elementary Fine Arts Competitions. Please forward to the appropriate individual(s).

We are looking forward to your school’s participation in the 2019 NCCSA Elementary Fine Arts Competition on April 25-26 (April 26 for the western region). We realize these dates may fall on your school’s spring break, but in a survey completed over a year ago, the majority of schools said the last week of April was best for their schedule.

In order to participate in the competition, each school must submit the online registration form and fees to the NCCSA State Office by Wednesday, March 20. Please note that this form will require the name of each solo/small group participant and will take several minutes to complete.

If you have an addition or change to your registration, please email info@nccsa.org. Do not submit a second registration form.

The per-entry (per-person) fee is $7.50. Groups of 10 or more have a maximum fee of $75.00. You may pay your competition fees by check or debit/credit card. Please note that you must use a debit/credit card that has a first and last name for PayPal to accept the payment. (Business debit/credit cards are generally not accepted.) NCCSA Elementary Fine Arts Competition fees are non-refundable.

Late Entry Requests: Adding late entries typically causes scheduling conflicts. Late entries will be allowed only if there are no additional conflicts. All late-entry requests must be approved by the NCCSA State Office by emailing info@nccsa.org.

  1. Registration forms submitted after March 20 will reflect a double per-entry fee and will be charged a $25 late fee.
  2. The fee to add entries after March 20 is double the original fee. This fee is assessed for each late entry received. 
  3. No late registration forms or additional competition entries will be accepted after March 27.

Please be sure that you have reviewed the 2019 NCCSA Elementary Fine Arts Competition Information Letter (that includes the Points of Emphasis document) that was emailed to schools on February 14 and is still available HERE.

Each school must have a copy of the NCCSA Elementary Fine Arts Manual – 2016 Edition before competing. Also, if you use adjudication forms from older manuals, the entry will be disqualified (comments only). For categories that require adjudication forms, the top portion of those forms must be typed. The adjudication forms are located HERE.

The 2019 NCCSA Elementary Fine Arts Competition Registration Form is located HERE. As a reminder, the online registration form and fees must be submitted to the NCCSA State Office by Wednesday, March 20.