NCCSA Fund for Schools/Families Damaged by Hurricane Florence

Once Hurricane Florence began reaching North Carolina, the NCCSA began contacting our member schools. Of the 29 NCCSA schools in the path of Hurricane Florence, 25 have been affected by the flooding and record rainfall.

Some of the information is still fluid as schools begin to open today or this week and begin talking with their students and families. The NCCSA is keeping track of all new information that comes in via phone calls and emails.

The information below includes the reports we have received from NCCSA schools:

  • 4 schools had no damage to buildings, staff or school family homes.
  • 6 schools had wind damage, flood damage, or rain damage.
  • 6 schools had faculty or staff who lost their homes or had wind damage, flood damage, or rain damage.
  • 13 (one additional still unknown) schools had multiple school families who lost their homes or had wind damage, flood damage, or rain damage.

Several government organizations, relief agencies, and NCCSA ministries have inquired about the needs. The AACS National Office is preparing an appeal to send out to the entire AACS membership about these needs and will forward all monies collected to the NCCSA to distribute. The NCCSA has always responded to these types of disaster relief requests in the past. Because this is the NCCSA family, the NCCSA Board is sending $5,000.00 immediately.

NCCSA State Office

If you or your ministry would like to contribute a financial amount to the NCCSA Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief Fund, please send a check to the address given below or feel free to donate using the PayPal button below.  Please note that 100 percent of the monies donated will be forwarded to the ministries and families whose properties were damaged.

Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief
P.O. Box 231
Goldsboro, NC 27533