2018 NCCSA Academic Testing Competition Introduction

The NCCSA is pleased to offer online academic testing again for the 2018 fine arts competition season. An email with specific instructions will be sent to schools in early January. Feel free to visit www.testpoint.net, but please do not begin the order process yet. Registration will take place online from January 10-20, 2018, and online testing will take place January 20 – February 20, 2018Test pricing is the same as all other NCCSA Fine Arts fees: $7.50 per elementary test; $10.00 per junior high/senior high test.

Over the past few years, substantial enhancements have been made to the TestPoint™system, and we are thankful that several other state associations also utilize this service. Please view the bullet points below to learn more about the testing program available from the NCCSA and our online testing partner, High Ground Solutions.

  • Testing is available for elementary (grades 3-6), junior high (grades 7-8), and senior high (grades 9-12).
  • The NCCSA State Office will have access to instantaneous results.
  • Ties will automatically be broken online.
  • This method will reduce administrative costs associated with testing registration, test sorting, postage costs of mailing materials, grading, tie-breakers, etc.
  • This type of testing is much more convenient than paper testing and, if marketed correctly, will give a sense of excellence to parents who will be excited about the use of technology.
  • Results will be posted online and will be available by school, by first through third place ranking, and by all-students’ scores.
  • View the Academic Testing Competition Program full-color informational flyer HERE.

Feel free to contact the NCCSA State Office if you have any questions.
NCCSA State Office