2020 NCCSA Soccer-Volleyball State Tournaments

Championship Tournaments – October 31

  • Location – Alamance Christian School
  • Tournament Letter and Details
  • SPECTATOR TICKETSAll spectators must register for a ticket from an allotment that will be available for each team.
    • Spectator Limits:
      1. For all volleyball playoff and championship games, the home team is allowed 13 spectators, and the away team is allowed 12 spectators.
      2. For all soccer playoff and championship games, 2 spectators are allowed per home team athlete and away team athlete. If participating schools can determine how to distribute remaining spectator spots up to a maximum of 50 spectators per team, they may do so.
      3. Note: Any changes in the mass gathering limits will be communicated to each school
    • SPECTATOR TICKET WEBSITE – These tickets will be available starting on Thursday morning, October 29.
    • Especially for volleyball, schools will need to determine which spectators will be able to register for a ticket.
  • Tournament Brackets
  • COVID-19 Protocols
  • Tournament Live Stream NCCSA Facebook Page
  • Tournament Apparel – Deadline Friday, November 6

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the NCCSA has made the following modifications to the 2020 NCCSA Soccer/Volleyball State Tournaments structure:

  • All district and regional playoff games will be played at the higher seed. 
  • No consolation games will be played at the 2020 NCCSA Soccer/Volleyball State Tournaments.
  • All Single A and Double A Championship Games will be played at Alamance Christian School.
  • Other COVID-19 protocols for this event can be viewed in the tournament letter above.