NCCSA COVID-19 Guidelines for Reopening Athletics

The NCCSA is releasing return-to-play guidelines for NCCSA Athletics. Many have inquired if the NCCSA would have athletics this fall and what type of restrictions schools must abide by. Others have asked about guidelines for summer workouts. On Tuesdsay, July 14, Governor Cooper announced his plan for schools to reopen this fall, and the NCHSAA, NCISAA, and NCCSA have adjusted their athletic plans according to this announcement.

These guidelines are designed to provide a specific framework to function alongside any executive or local order regarding athletics. Although the NCCSA does not govern summer workouts, once tryouts begin, each athletic-participating school must follow the policies below. Any deviation from the published guidelines will increase liability on the school and may harm relationships with other schools. The NCCSA does not accept responsibility or consequences resulting from deviation from these guidelines, and these policies will be enforced.

NCCSA Athletics will begin in Phase Two. Currently, due to Phase Two gathering limitations, there will be no NCCSA competitions between NCCSA athletic-participating schools. Only onsite workouts/tryouts/practices are allowed during Phase Two. Please disregard any Phase One wording. Please understand that due to ever-evolving conditions, certain elements of these guidelines may be adjusted as we move forward. This may include starting seasons later, not having the fall state tournaments or possibly only live streaming the state tournaments, having an abbreviated winter season, etc. The NCCSA will announce adjustments and/or advancement to the next stage as they occur. In addition, it is our intention to publish facility and game-management guidelines for competitions once North Carolina moves to Phase Three.

Media: If your school has a relationship with a local media outlet and they ask you about this re-opening plan, please send them the plan in its entirety.

CLICK HERE to view the 2020 NCCSA COVID-19 Guidelines for Reopening Athletics. We appreciate the opportunity to serve each school.