2017-2018 NCCSA Fine Arts Points of Emphasis/Timeline Docs

Please review the information included in this email if your school is involved in NCCSA Fine Arts (Jr./Sr. High and/or Elementary).

The NCCSA is making available the 2017-2018 Fine Arts Points of Emphasis and other important documents.

Both the JH/SH Fine Arts Manual and the Elementary Fine Arts Manual received minor updates this summer. Please download the latest update by clicking the link in the instructions document you received via email upon ordering the manual(s). The manual link and password have not changed. If you have misplaced the manual instructions document, please contact the NCCSA by clicking here. Schools that have not purchased the manuals can order them using the manual order form HERE.

The NCCSA has prepared several documents that will help fine arts coordinators for the 2017-2018 competition season. Please review these documents carefully.

  1. Fine Arts Competition Points of Emphasis Documents (JH/SH and Elementary)
  2. Fine Arts Timeline Details by Category (includes important information regarding deadlines and other category specifics)
  3. Fine Arts Liability Waiver (required of each JH/SH student participating in NCCSA Fine Arts Competitions)

If individuals on your school staff help with specific fine arts categories (art teacher, music teacher, science teacher, etc.), please provide them with copies of the applicable documents.

All of these documents are available by clicking HERE.

NCCSA State Office