National Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

The new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations went into effect on January 1, 1995 for all vehicles (vans and busses) designed to carry 16 or more passengers. These regulations applied to churches and schools and included requirements of U.S. DOT numbers on all “covered vehicles” and commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) for the drivers of these vehicles. The regulations also required compliance with new drug and alcohol testing requirements by January 1, 1996. These new testing requirements apply to all of your CDL drivers including those who drive only within your state. They also apply equally to paid CDL employees and volunteers.

The National Drug and Alcohol Testing Program has been developed for churches, Christian schools, private schools, colleges, universities, vocational schools, kindergartens, day care facilities, and other religious, charitable, and educational organizations. This program provides the means to meet all the federal drug and alcohol testing regulations that apply. All the participants of the program will be placed in a single pool for purposes of random selection for drug and alcohol testing.

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Plan sponsor and coordinator – N.C. Christian School Association

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