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Welcome to the online site for the North Carolina Christian School Association.  The NCCSA is a service organization that exists to provide member schools in North Carolina the opportunity to choose from any of the programs, services, or products that they feel will help improve the quality of their school, students, and staff.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and take the time to view all the information available on this site. If you are a non-member school and are interested in learning more about the NCCSA, please visit the Membership Section of our website. If we can assist you any further, please contact us.

February 12

2016 Basketball District Playoffs

District 1 (#1-4) vs. District 2 (#1-4) and District 3 (#1-4) vs. District 4 (#1-4)

February 15

2016 Spring Sports Practices May Begin

Practice may begin for those teams that are out of the basketball play-offs.

February 18 - February 20

2016 State Basketball Tournaments

  • Single-A location: Fellowship (Durham)
  • Double-A location: Gospel Light

February 20

2016 NCCSA Academic Testing Competition Month Ends

The final day for NCCSA Academic Testing is February 20.

February 25 - February 27

2016 Snow Dates for Basketball Tournaments