Teacher Certification

The Teacher Certification Program (TCP) has been developed by the North Carolina Christian School Association for the benefit of its member schools and is available only to faculty members that teach in NCCSA member schools. The TCP provides objective standards for evaluating and recognizing faculty preparation and experience.

The TCP also provides the assurance that credentialed educators have examined the qualifications of those applying for NCCSA certification. The TCP does not attempt to evaluate the spiritual characteristics of personnel, except to require that the employing school recommend the applicant and that he/she subscribes wholeheartedly to the NCCSA Statement of Faith.

This service must not be misconstrued as a license to teach or to perform other duties in a Christian school. The TCP simply provides a uniform procedure for appraising educational standards.

The following titles are available: Early Childhood Teacher, Elementary Teacher, Secondary Teacher, Special Education Teacher, All-Level Teacher, Specialist, and Administrator. Titles are available in the following categories: Provisional, Professional, and Advanced Professional. The length of term for these certificates range from two to eight years. To contact the NCCSA State Office concerning Teacher Certification, please click here. (available only to faculty members teaching in NCCSA member schools)