NCCSA Office Personnel Opening

The NCCSA is currently seeking an administrative assistant to begin between June and July of 2018. This individual must be able to thrive in a fast-paced, highly organized atmosphere. Day-to-day communication will be with NCCSA personnel and individuals from schools, churches, and vendors that partner with the NCCSA. In light of this, communication skills are essential. Team alignment, project/task management, and the ability to work in an atmosphere that requires a high level of excellence are a must. Multi-taskers would excel in the NCCSA State Office. Success in this role relies on organization, time management, and the ability to anticipate office personnel and member needs. 

The North Carolina Christian School Association (NCCSA) is a service organization that exists to provide member schools in North Carolina the opportunity to choose from any of the programs, services, or products that they feel will help improve the quality of their school, students, and staff. The NCCSA is the largest AACS-state affiliated Christian school association. Currently, the NCCSA has 71 member schools with nearly 15,000 members.

Administrative Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Provide general administrative and clerical support for day-to-day NCCSA operations
  • Help maintain various databases and online platforms as directed by the NCCSA leadership
  • Organize and follow a to-do list managed by the NCCSA Project Management System
  • Manage a busy inbox
  • Assist other secretaries in answering calls and emails
  • Prepare and edit content including correspondence, reports, drafts, articles, research papers, memos, emails, and other documents as directed by the NCCSA leadership
  • Aid in updating manuals, policy documents, and other content as directed by the NCCSA leadership
  • Update and assist with the NCCSA website as well as the NCCSA Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Assist with the details and coordination of the following programs/services:
    • Teacher Certification Program
    • School Accreditation Program
    • Athletic Program
      • The NCCSA sponsors 9 sports and multiple state tournaments for the various regions and districts of NCCSA Athletics.
    • NCCSA All-State Music Clinic
      • This three-day event requires assistance with the following: communication and logistics with the clinicians, the audition and registration process, and other details for the concert band, symphonic band, honors band, and all-state choir.
    • NCCSA Educators’ Convention
    • NCCSA Fine Arts Competitions
      • Two-day Solo/Small Group Competition
      • Three-day Fine Arts Festival
      • Three separate elementary competitions (Western, Central, Eastern)
    • TestPoint and other programs the NCCSA makes available to members and non-members
    • Student Legislative Training
  • Communicate with various endorsed product suppliers
  • Other tasks as directed by the NCCSA leadership

Note: If possible, many aspects of this position will be tailored to the individual’s personal skill set and ability to handle responsibility. The individual might occassionaly work remotely (via SharePoint, web conferencing, email communication, instant messaging, etc.). 

Additional Requirements:

  • A Christian and faithful member of a Bible-believing church
  • An excellent communicator and collaborator
  • A leader who is self-directed but also able to accept direction as needed
  • A capable planner
  • Comfortable with technology and must type at least 50 wpm (Check speed here)
  • Detail-oriented in a fast-paced environment
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Exceptional analytical skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Pleasant, personable demeanor (in person, on the phone, and via email)
  • Keen ability to multi-task
  • Teachable spirit
  • Capable content editor
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in an educational area strongly recommended
    • College degree/classes in English are highly preferred

If you wish to be considered for this position, please complete the form below. Click here to learn more about the NCCSA. 

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