2017 NCCSA Elementary Fine Arts Registration

This email is for schools participating in the NCCSA Elementary Fine Arts Competitions. Please forward to the appropriate individual(s).

We are looking forward to your school’s participation in the 2017 NCCSA Elementary Fine Arts Competition. For your convenience, the Elementary Fine Arts Competition Registration Form will be submitted online this year. The online form and fees must be submitted to the NCCSA State Office by March 22.

The per-entry (per-person) fee is $7.50, with a maximum of $75.00 per group of 10 or more. You may pay your competition fees by check or debit/credit card. Please note that you must use a debit/credit card that has a first and last name for PayPal to accept the payment. (Business debit/credit cards are generally not accepted.) NCCSA Elementary Fine Arts Competition fees are non-refundable.

After submitting the registration form, if you do not receive a confirmation email within two hours, your form was likely not submitted. Please contact the NCCSA State Office for assistance as soon as possible. If you have an addition or change to your registration, please email info@nccsa.orgDo not submit a second registration form.

Late Entries will be accepted only under the following conditions:

  1. Late entries or changes to your registration form will be allowed only if they cause no additional conflicts.
  2. All late-entry requests or changes must be approved by the NCCSA State Office at
  3. The late registration form processing fee is $25.00, and the late-entry fee (per person) is double the original fee. 
  4. No late entries or changes will be accepted after Monday, March 27.

Please be sure that you have reviewed the 2017 NCCSA Elementary Fine Arts Competition Information Letter (that includes the Points of Emphasis document) that was emailed to schools on February 15 and is still available HERE.

Each school must have a copy of the NCCSA Elementary Fine Arts Manual – 2016 Edition before competing. Also, if you use adjudication forms from older manuals, the entry will be disqualified (comments only). For categories that require adjudication forms, the top portion of those forms must be typed.

The 2017 NCCSA Elementary Fine Arts Competition Registration Form is located HERE.

NCCSA State Office

2017 AACS National Fine Arts Registration

Submission Deadline – Monday, March 20, at 1:00 p.m.
CLICK HERE to download the instructions. 

AACS Youth Legislative Training Conference

2017 NCCSA State Basketball Tournaments Results

Dates and Locations
February 23-25, 2017



2017 NCCSA Solo/Small Group Competition

  1. February 13-14, 2017
  2. Location – Friendship Christian School
  3. Information Packet 
  4. Schedules
  5. Results

2017 NCCSA Professional Development Activities

  1. The 2017 NCCSA Professional Development Seminar will take place at Faith Christian Academy in Goldsboro on Monday and Tuesday, July 24-25. We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with the School of Education at Bob Jones University for this event. The title of this year’s seminar will be The Christian School in the 21st Century: Preparing our Students for the Future. This year, we are offering break-out sessions for specific groups to enable tailored professional development based on grade levels. Registration information will be available in the near future. 
  2. Currently, the 2017 NCCSA Administrators’ Seminar is scheduled for Tuesday, July 25, at Faith Christian Academy in Goldsboro. This year, we are tentatively structuring this one-day event as a round-table discussion. The NCCSA will be requesting questions and topics related to Christian education that we can discuss throughout the day. NCCSA administrators have requested this type of format for a few years, so we are setting it up for this summer. Additional information will be available in the near future. Please save this date!
  3. The 2017 NCCSA Educators’ Convention will take place at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on September 27-29. Additional details will be available in the near future. Please see the NCCSA website if you are interested in submitting a workshop proposal form. 

2017 NCCSA Fine Arts Festival Registration

The 2017 NCCSA Jr./Sr. High Fine Arts Festival is quickly approaching, and schools may now begin registering their competition entries. Again this year, the Master Registration Form is in an online format. The deadline to submit the form and fees to the NCCSA State Office is February 1. In addition, all information sheets for festival competition categories must be submitted online by February 1. Links to the category information sheets are located HERETo avoid paying late fees, please make sure the appropriate information sheets and the master registration form are submitted by February 1.

To begin promoting the NCCSA Fine Arts Competition at your school, feel free to CLICK HERE to download and post this year’s fine arts promotional flyer.

To download the 2017 Fine Arts Master Registration Letter, please CLICK HERE. Please pay close attention to the many details and links inside the letter. **This letter includes a link to the online Master Registration Form and category information sheets. Again, the registration deadline is February 1.

NCCSA State Office

2017 Convention Workshop Proposal Form

Please forward this email to members of your staff who would be qualified convention workshop speakers.

The 2017 NCCSA Educators’ Convention will be held in Myrtle Beach on September 27-29, 2017.

The NCCSA is officially requesting workshop submissions for the 2017 NCCSA Educators’ Convention. Even though we are typically able to use only a portion of the submitted workshops, having a large sample to choose from enables us to put together a professional, diverse workshop team to cover a wide array of workshop topics. The speakers who are selected will be notified no later than July 1, 2017.

If you are interested in submitting a workshop for the convention this fall, please submit the workshop proposal form no later than March 25. We request that workshops presented in the last five years not be repeated.

The 2017 Convention Workshop Proposal Form is located here:

NCCSA State Office

2017 NCCSA Fine Arts Festival

2017 NCCSA Solo/Small Group Music Competition

Please review the email below and forward to the appropriate individuals.

The NCCSA JH-SH Solo/Small Group Music Competition will be held at Friendship Christian School on Monday and Tuesday, February 13-14, 2017. The Senior High competition will take place on Monday, and the Junior High Competition will take place on Tuesday.

Please download the information packet at the link below to learn details about making hotel reservations, ordering lunch, parking buses, etc. Please note that the deadline to order lunch is Monday, February 6

The competition schedule will be posted online one week prior to the competition, and the NCCSA will email each school when the schedule is available.

Please refer to the following important documents as you prepare for this competition. As a reminder, please type the top portion of the adjudication forms. Any forms not from the current 2015 v2 Fine Arts Manual will be disqualified and will receive comments only.

  1. Fine Arts Details by Category and 2016-2017 Fine Arts Competition Points of Emphasis:
  2. Category Information Sheets & Adjudication Forms:
  3. 2017 JH-SH Solo/Small Group Competition Information Packet (includes lunch information):